Three Weird Super Nutritious Elixirs

In need of a pick-me-up, a little something extra to boost your health throughout the day? Put down the soda and sip on one these nutrient-dense delights. Combining holistic remedies, antioxidant spices and all-natural sweeteners, these delicious drinks are sure to perk you up. 


1. Medicinal Blackstrap Molasses

Dissolve 1-2 tablespoons of blackstrap molasses in a mug of boiling water and stir. This simple potion provides a naturally sweet alternative to a sugary coffee, and contains many vital vitamins and minerals. Rich in iron, magnesium, copper and calcium, it is especially beneficial for growing luscious, healthy hair and replenishing iron stores. 


2. Ginger, Turmeric and Black Pepper Orange Juice

For a powerful dose of antioxidants, start by squeezing two oranges and removing the pips. Pour into a glass, and stir in half a teaspoon of ginger and a quarter-teaspoon of turmeric. Then grind a very small amount of black pepper into the juice and stir some more. Ginger can help fight migraines and nausea, while turmeric has anti-inflammatory and strong anti-oxidant effects. Black pepper enhances these effects, while orange juice adds some zesty flavour and vitamin C.


3. Maca, Cacao and Banana Smoothie

For a more dessert-like concoction, add one banana, a teaspoon of maca powder, two teaspoons of raw cacao powder and a cup of almond milk to a blender or smoothie maker. Simply blend and serve in a tall glass over ice. Maca root boasts many health-giving properties, including hormone balance, libido boost and an abundance of B-vitamins. Cacao is rich in magnesium and antioxidants, and when combined with the delicious sweetness of the banana, provides a rich and chocolatey flavour. 


If these recipes have gone down well, why not try some variations? Freeze bananas and mix with cacao for a blended chocolate 'nice cream'', swap orange juice for pineapple or grapefruit juice, or refrigerate your blackstrap molasses and serve like an iced tea. The possibilites - and health benefits - are endless.